Build Your Next Secure Smart Contract Within Minutes

Design, Validate and deploy secure smart contracts with a few button clicks

Why Web 3?

Web 3 addresses major security, data privacy & ownership
and other trust related issues in web 2.

What Problems are we solving

Smart contract development is mostly manual today

Contract creation is error prone and time-intensive

Accelchain simplifies the development of smart contracts by providing a visual no-code interface to design and deploy them

Very less interoperability across chains

Accelchain enables deployment of contracts across blockchain

Smart contracts are not very secure

Accelchain performs autonomous security audits and suggests fixes.


Create smart contracts at the speed of light

Smart contracts can be designed, validated and deployed 8-10 times faster from available templates or by customising one with just a few buttons clicks

Design once, deploy anywhere ​

Contracts designed using Accelchain can be deployed across multiple blockchains without making any modifications to the contract or creating a deployment script. We already support major blockchains are rapidly adding support for more.

Auto-fix security vulnerabilities in your contract

Accelchain performs autonomous security audits of smart contracts within minutes and auto-fixes  resulting vulnerabilities wherever possible. It also auto-generates functional test cases, executes them and suggests fixes for errors to ensure comprehensive validation.

Design optimal smart contracts

The platform suggests and applies the required logical checks and balances to secure the contract. It also optimizes the contract codebase to minimize total gas consumption.


Accelchain provides the ability to upgrade your smart contracts from an older solidity version to any version of your choice without having to write a single line of code.

Web version

Seamless and Fast Smart Contract Design Tool built for the web

In the web version, select a pre-made template and add as many features as you want or build from scratch using our building blocks as per your requirements. Your smart contract will be ready to be deployed on any chain you like with just a few clicks of a button. Get ready to bring your ideas to life and go crazy with the smart contact design tool.

NPM version

Most powerful NPM package to build robust smart contracts

Our core mission is to make web3 app development easier and comfortable for all the devs.
Reap advantages of all the functionalities required to create a secure smart contract through our NPM package. The package could be integrated into your existing workflow within your development environment.

Your web3 dreams, one platform to trust

Accelchain combines the most powerful smart contract design tool with state-of-the-art templates, customisation ability and comprehensive support to make your experience seamless, secure and fast.