Smart Contract Creation won’t involve too many technical difficulties

Introducing a OpenZeppelin alternative
allowing you to create smart contract from
pre-existing templates

Now, Build, Validate and Deploy secure smart contracts based on your use-case for your next Web3 app

Smart contracts in 3 simple steps !

Choose your template

Add or Delete modules

Deploy contract on any chain

3 Reasons why you should choose
Accelchain over OpenZepplin

Ability to create a custom contract using templates within the platform

Accelchain allows you to start from pre-existing smart contract templates including NFT, DeFi and DAO templates and customize them within the platform itself using our intuitive drag and drop customizer. 

No need to install the NPM package and even a non-techie can create and deploy smart contracts unlike the case with hardhat. 

In case you want to use an NPM package, we also have a powerful one you can use.

Auto-validation of smart contracts

Accelchain auto-generates functional test cases, executes them and suggests fixes for errors to ensure comprehensive validation.

OpenZeppelin does not have this feature This features helps you save thousands of hours of dev time and $$.

Security audit and auto-fix security vulnerabilities

Accelchain performs autonomous security audits of smart contracts within minutes and auto-fixes resulting vulnerabilities wherever possible.

This benefit is not there in any other tool including OpenZepplin. Using this feature you can save your dApp from funds leakage and prevent hackers from exploiting your dApp.

One-click deployment to any blockchain of choice

Accelchain allows you the luxury of one-click deployment to any blockchain of your choice unlike OpenZepplin.

What this means is that you don’t need to go back and forth and study different blockchains and deployment methods.

Now, A detailed comparison of
Accelchain and OpenZepplin






Smart Contract Design from Pre-Existing TemplatesYesYes
Ability to create a custom contract within the platform (any function, use case)NoYes
NPM Package of all the smart contract functionsNoYes
More than 10+ pre-existing use cases in NFT, DeFi spaceYesYes
UI Templates   No


Contract ValidationNoYes
Automated Contract ValidationNoYes
Source Code Verification NoYes
Auto-upgrade of smart contracts to the latest versionNoWIP


Contract Optimisation ( Gas Fee, cost, security)NoWIP
Automated Contract OptimisationNoWIP
Smart Contract Security and auto fixing vulnerabilities NoYes


One-click Deployment on any chainNoYes

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